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Halla Tómasdottir

Halla Tomasdottir is a change catalyst on a quest to inspire and empower leaders to release the value of principle-based and gender balanced leadership. She has passionately pursued this purpose as a business leader in corporate America with M&M and Pepsi Cola, as the first female CEO of Iceland’s Chamber of commerce and as an executive and non-executive director for diverse businesses. An entrepreneur at heart, she joined the founding team of Reykjavik University where she created the Executive Education department and led a successful initiative focused on empowering women and girls as entrepreneurs, leaders and investors. In 2007, she co-founded an investment firm with the vision to incorporate feminine values into finance. The company made international headlines when it successfully survived Iceland’s infamous economic meltdown. In 2016, Ms. Tomasdottir ran for President in Iceland. She was an independent candidate with no prior political experience and surprised everyone as she emerged from an initial 1% in the polls to becoming the runner-up.  Newsweek named her to a list of 150 women who “shake the world” and the New Yorker called her a “Living Emoji of Sincerity”.  Ms. Tomasdottir holds an international MBA from Thunderbird.  She is a former Trustee of the Leifur Eiriksson Foundation, a graduate fellowship program administered by the UVA Foundation.