Stories from UVA's Bicentennial

One University. Two hundred years. Endless stories. Since three U.S. presidents – Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and James Monroe – witnessed the laying of UVA’s cornerstone on Oct. 6, 1817, millions have passed through the Academical Village that stone marked.

All of them have etched their own stories onto this place, stories of breathtaking achievement, breakthrough research, beautiful art and brilliant scholarship. Stories of compassion and progress; stories of pushing boundaries, fighting for justice and reckoning with wrongs.

These stories – the stories of the men and women who have made UVA their own – are the University’s most treasured legacy 200 years on, and we will be sharing some of them here as we celebrate this special bicentennial moment.

Check this page for stories from UVA’s past and present and highlights from the University’s bicentennial celebrations. For details and updates on those celebrations, visit

Most of all, look for the stories yet to come in the next 200 years. Thousands are already hard at work writing them.

Danielle Loleng