Genesis Luigi

Genesis Luigi was recently awarded an ATLAS Corps Fellowship and is a Network Coordinator for the International Planned Parenthood Federation in Venezuela.  She developed the structure and functions of the network, supporting meaningful youth participation and the network’s engagement with the organization’s strategical framework for 2016-2022. She was in charge of planning and providing capacity-building activities for nearly 23 youth board members of IPPF/WHR’s Latin American and Caribbean partner associations. Previously, she was program coordinator at Construyendo Futuros Civil Association in Caracas, Venezuela, in charge of Quiero Saber (I Want To Know), a program aimed at providing comprehensive sexuality education to children and adolescents in vulnerable and rural zones of the Miranda State in Venezuela, including Petare, one of the biggest slums in South America. During her tenure, she systematized program indicators and statistics and developed the program’s handbook for teachers and facilitators, leading to a 38% growth in the numbers of schools offering the program to its students.  She earned a Bachelors degree in Psychology from Universidad Central de Venezuela with academic honors.